As the first legal and official representatives of the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY VARNA, we have access to all the companies with which the university cooperates and collaborates, as each year our students are selected for admission by the companies with which the faculty cooperates.

For us our students are a personal affair.

Our company has 10 offices in Greece, India, Norway and Italy.
Our work is not limited to the delivery of documents. We are from the beginning to the end of the study at the side of each student. Guarantee is our permanent base in Bulgaria near the TU-Varna.
That’s why we are 100% successful! We can guarantee for our success rate.
We have the highest level of public relations with university bodies.

1) Preparation of the applicats file to the Technical University of Varna
2) Translation, validation and legalization of all documents in Bulgarian by the Ministry of Education of Bulgaria
3) Direct contact of the candidate with the competent professor of the University and tour the candidate to all the University premises
4) Certified registration at the Technical University of Varna – and in the specialty the student wishes
5) Receive the candidate from the airport, train or bus station
6) Finding a flat and a suitable dining area that can be a hostel or apartment (we provide apartments to our students at affordable prices)
7) Guided tour of the candidate as well as his family in the city as well as full information and guided tours of the university (university halls)
8) Personal assistance to the student throughout his studies, even with learning difficulties (enhancing teaching with a special lesson)
9) Medical Assistance (Doctor) for all our students 24/7
10) Job Finder Assistance after the students graduation
11) FREE legal protection contract throughout our student studies on any legal issues and unexpected civil law cases that may occur
12) We monitor our university students’ progress and inform their parents or relatives for their progression
13) Translation, validation and legalization of all documents in Bulgarian by the Ministry of Education of Bulgaria
14) With all our students in recent years to graduate successfully and without delays, we can certify that we are the only company to provide assistance to students in all areas
15) We do not only provide only a written guarantee, but we also make a presence 365 days a year with our permanent head office in Varna located near the Tu-Varna
16) We provide Bulgarian lessons to all our students at our offices in Varna

We even help our weaker students to complete their studies without delay. This gives us the absolute comparative advantage over others active in the field. Our students know that we have the potential to solve any problem that arises, and this is reflected in the large number of successes and enrollments in the University.

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