Course content:

The course is designed to prepare students for the profession of marine engineer and merchant navy mariner through study, experience and practice.

Fundamental and general engineering subjects:

  • Fundamental knowledge in higher mathematics, information technology, physics, chemistry.
  • General knowledge in economics, marketing, English, philosophy, etc.
  • General technical knowledge in applied geometry and engineering graphics,
  • Material science and technology of metals, theoretical mechanics, strength of materials, theory of machines and mechanisms, thermodynamics and heat transfer, fluid mechanics, electrical engineering and electronics, machine elements.

Specialized training:

  • Professional knowledge in marine steam boilers, marine diesel engines, marine turbo machinery, marine auxiliaries and systems, ship theory and damage control, automatic control of marine machinery, technology of marine machinery production, marine power plants, systems for integrated automation of the ship, strength and vibrations of marine machinery
  • Special knowledge covers investigation of complicated technical systems, structural analysis, maintenance and repair of marine machinery, operating marine power plants, engine room design, microprocessor systems, testing marine machinery.

The graduates possess also sufficient practical knowledge and skills on fitting; working with manual electric tools, machining equipment, welding; maintenance and repair of ship equipment acquired during practical training and sailing practice, as well knowledge and skills in first medical aid, firefighting, survival at sea, personal safety and social responsibility.

А modern Engine Room Simulator for training of marine engineers is available to students of Marine Engineering Department.

The simulator is equipped for 6 trainee and 1 instructor stations. The simulator meets the requirements of Bulgarian Executive Agency “Maritime Administration”. The complex includes two training rooms, a machine telegraph console and command screens. A separate room is provided for the instructor. The Engine Room Simulator is certified as class “C” in accordance with DNV.
The curriculum and programs of the course Marine Engineering meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for seafarers competence STCW78.

Career path:

Marine Engineer could acquire positions on positions requiring:

  • Organization and management of the production in shipbuilding and ship repair yards
  • Organization and management of the operation of marine machinery and plants on board merchant ships, marine structures and off-shore platforms; design and engineering of marine machinery, systems and plants
  • Research (analysis and optimization) of the designs and of the operation of marine machinery and plants
  • Assembly, repair and commissioning of marine machinery, systems and plants in the building and repair of ships and marine structures
  • Control of the enforcement of the regulations on labor safety and protection and environment protection
  • Control of the observation of the regulations of the classification societies on ship classification and control, and of the State Shipping Inspectorate

The marine engineer can:

  • Design and engineer marine engines, systems and plants
  • Assemble, set up and test marine engines, systems and plants
  • Operate and maintain marine engines, systems and plants
  • Organize and manage administrative, economical and business activities
  • Train executive staff

The graduates could be employed in the field of design, production and maintenance of marine engines, machinery, systems and plants as designers, technologists and specialists on the production in shipbuilding and ship repair yards, thermal power stations, machine-building works, design companies institutes as well as engineers on board ships, floating platforms and other marine technical constructions.

Σχολή Ναυπηγών Μηχανολόγων Μηχανικών - Βαρνας




Academic degree: BACHELOR

Form of study: FULL- TIME

Term of Study: 4 years / 8 semesters

Language of instruction:

– Bulgarian

– English

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