Fundamental and general engineering subjects:

Mathematics, Chemistry, Applied Geometry and Engineering Graphics, Materials Science and Technology, Computer Science, Physics, Theoretical Mechanics, Interchangeability and Technical Measurements, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum and Gas, Heat Engineering, Machine Elements, Electrical Engineering and Language Learning.

General technological training involves the following courses:

Engineering and computing technology in the oil and gas industry, Foundry technology in the chemical industry, Facilities in the oil and gas industry, Hydraulic and pneumatic machines, Heating and gas supply, Fuel Engineering and technologies, Materials Cutting and Machine Tools, Protective coatings, Chemical equipment engineering technology, Welding technology in the chemical industry, Heat treatment in chemical engineering, Calculation and design of equipment in the chemical industry, Chemical engineering technology, Automatic control and management, Machines and equipment in welding industry, Mass transfer equipment, Industrial heating equipment, Environmental issues in the industry and the environment from chemical technologies, Diagnostics, and reliability of chemical equipment, Techniques of repair of chemical equipment, Risk management in the oil and gas industry.

Specialized training:

  • Equipment in the oil and gas industry
  • Technology of Chemical Engineering
  • Diagnostics and reliability of chemical equipment
  • Reconstruction and repair of chemical equipment
  • Non-destructive testing of machines and equipment for the oil and gas industry

Career path:

Graduates can be involved in public and private sectors in the following activities:

  • Technologists
  • Designers and production managers in the operation and maintenance of equipment in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cement, petrochemical industry


Professional orientation: MACHINE ENGINEERING

Professional qualification: MECHANICAL ENGINEER

Academic degree: BACHELOR

Form of study: FULL -TIME

Term of Study: 4 years /8 semesters

Language of instruction:

– Bulgarian

– English

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