Varna and the Technical University

The city of Varna, often called the sea capital of Bulgaria, is the third largest town in the country, with a population of 339.223 people, registered as citizens (2011). This number is in fact several times larger than stated, especially in the summer. Varna is situated on the West coast of the Black Sea. It is a major port, an important commercial, industrial, tourist, transport, university and cultural centre.

There are five major universities in Varna: Technical University (TU-Varna), University of Economics (UE-Varna), Varna Free University (VFU), Medical University and the Dental University (MU-Varna). The climate of Varna is unique. Winters are mild with temperatures rarely below zero degrees. Summer temperatures are around 30°C.

The present town of Varna was built over one of the oldest settlements in the world (VI century B.C.), which in turn, was established by a civilization preceding every known tribe or nation. The Greeks established the colony of Odessos there about 580 B.C. Later, under the Romans and their successors, the Slavs, Varna became a major port trading with Constantinople,Venice and Dubrovnik.

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