Goals and strategy


Transformation of Technical University of Varna into a modern university with faculty structure appropriate to the changes

Proving it as innovation and technology center, serving the industry in the country and the Black Sea region

Achieving and maintaining sound international positions in education and research

Activating policy in respect to professional qualification and successive development of the academic staff

Improvement of university’s management for better utilization of the financial resources

Maintaining and improving the quality of the education for the creation of market minded specialists


The strategy package of Technical University of Varna for achieving its mission and goals includes:

Diversification of the educational products horizontally through development of courses in various scientific fields and vertically through offering the academic degrees Specialist, Bachelor, Master and Doctor

Diversification of the forms of education via distance learning, E-learning, virtual learning

Maintaining and development of unique for the country courses, giving strategic advantage of the institution

Geographical expansion of the market share of the university through attracting foreign students – switching the institution’s philosophy from ,”education for life” to “life-long learning”

Introduction of new forms and methods of education, which activate the self study and practical training of the students, including the application of the E-learning, global and local computer networks and Internet

Creation of long term partnerships for the scientific support of the business

Creation of steady integration ties with European universities and participation in common projects

Turning the Technical University of Varna into an international scientific congress center for the Black Sea region

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