Student's life in Varna


Technical University of Varna provides accommodation with regard to all its students

For those who prefer accommodation in the students dormitories, the TU-Vana offers single and double bedded rooms , each with its own bathroom. A bed in a double room costs 35 EUR(70 BGN) per month, electricity and water supply charges are not included. Students may also rent private lodgings. The price for a private apartments usually amounts to at least 150 EUR (for an apartment that can be shared with another student) to 300 EUR (for an apartment for four students).


The Students’ canteen offers cooked meals at low prices. There are small restaurants and cafeterias as well as fast food places, where you can have a proper meal for as much as 6 leva (3 EUR).

There are also snack bars serving breakfast and drinks in each one of the University buildings. Supermarkets are open from 8.00 to 21.00. There are a lot of shops open 24 hours.

The various catering establishments in the town of Varna are able to satisfy the various tastes and needs of its visitors. Along with local specialties you can also find Italian, Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and Greek cuisine.

Health Insurance

Foreign students, who are citizens of EU and EEA member states, need to have an European Health Insurance Card (forms E128, E111 or the E-card). The document type depends on the authorized insurance agency of the country of origin. Presentation of the European Health Insurance Card guarantees you reimbursement of the medical costs on the spot, or soon after your return home.

Students who are citizens of non-EU member states should arrange a health insurance certificate with the authority responsible for health affairs in their home country. This certificate should contain clear description of the scope of their rights. Students have to obtain the health insurance certificate prior to their arrival in Bulgaria.

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