Dear prospective students

Congratulations on choosing the Technical University of Varna as the place to continue your education.

The choice of profession and an institution to receive appropriate theoretical and specialized training is an extremely important step in every young person’s life. Choosing a university abroad, in a neighboring or far-away country may be influenced by various factors, such as individual interests and preferences, ambition for personal development, interest toward the respective country etc. In any case, one of the most important factors for that is the capacity the University to provide quality training in a sought-after and perspective specialty. In this respect, the Technical University of Varna is one of the most prestigious universities in Bulgaria, with more than half a century tradition in the training of highly-qualified professionals in technical science and other fields of scientific knowledge. Our graduates find successful professional fulfillment in various industries and sectors of the national economy and abroad.

The Technical University of Varna is accredited by the Bulgarian National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation with the highest grade possible and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. What is more, the Technical University of Varna is accredited by the European Universities Association (EUA) which is indicative of the full conformity of the training to the Europeans Standards of higher education.

At present, a total of around 6000 students are trained for the educational and qualification degrees of Bachelor and Master in more than 70 programs in eight professional domains. We offer various doctoral programs and other forms of postgraduate qualification, such as continuing and professional education. Foreign students from countries of Europe, Asia and Africa receive training in specialties of their choice in Russian, English and Bulgarian language.

The University has modern educational, information and research facilities – university and specialized laboratories and simulators equipped by leading world producers in the field of information technologies, electronics, communications, marine transport etc. In the course of their studies, students can acquire certificates for professional skills from leading companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Siemens etc.
Along with the training and research activities, the Technical University of Varna provides for its students modern indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a rich library and student hostel. Students may take part in the activities of the university students clubs, according to their own interests.
During their studies at the Technical University of Varna the students have the opportunity to take part in the ERASMUS Plus Programme of the European Union and receive training for one semester, or develop their diploma theses in leading universities in Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece, Finland and Portugal. What is more, we have established good relations and academic exchange with universities from Kazakhstan and Turkey and we are constantly looking for opportunities to develop these relations further.

I am convinced that your training in our University and your stay in our city will be successful and will bring you personal and professional fulfillment.

Prof. Dr. Rosen Vassilev
Rector of the Technical University of Varna

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