“Production Engineering” is designed to meet the dynamical modern requirements of the business by providing higher education to students and turning them into highly qualified production managers at European level.

Job opportunities after graduation

Production engineering graduates can take up job positions such as: production managers, sales managers, project managers for the development and improvement expert consultants on engineering projects and management systems in production and business organizations.

Terms of training in “Production Engineering”

Curriculum of the course “Production Engineering” is specifically developed as it includes applied subjects with specific practical orientation and the possibility of elective subjects by students. They as well as basic and theoretical subjects are in accordance with current curricula related specialties in European universities.

The training is conducted in cooperation with leading Europe and world developers of CAD / CAM / CAE software products such as Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, Delcam, etc.

The Training Department periodically organize and conduct free to visit forums where students can meet and get acquainted with the latest achievements in the most modern production technologies and techniques in the industrial management.

The fundamental training in “Production Engineering” covers training courses:

Basic, applied and computerized computations for mechanical engineers, basics of engineering and computer graphics, information technology and systems, materials science, electrical and electronics, machines and mechanisms, machine parts and composite fluid and thermo-analysis of technical production systems, comprehensive language training, etc.

General engineering training in “Production Engineering” includes the following courses:

Production Technology, Production equipment, Cutting of Materials and Cutting Tools, Technology Equipment, Machine Parts, Industrial Automation, etc.

Specialized training:

The specialized training on specialty “Production Engineering” includes subjects related to: automation and computerization of the engineering and management processes, planning and management of production processes, systems. Developing effective projects to develop and improvement activities in the organization, risk management and reliability of products, processes and systems, management of human resources and labor and production conditions, etc.


Professional orientation: MACHINE ENGINEERING

Professional qualification: MECHANICAL ENGINEER

Academic degree: BACHELOR

Form of Study: FULL-TIME & PART-TIME

Term of Study: 4 years / 8 semesters & 4,5 years / 9+1 semesters

Language of instruction:

– Bulgarian

– English

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