History, Past and Present


At present the Technical University of Varna operates passive buildings’ fund with total space of 67.542 square metres. All the buildings of the university are relatively new – placed in operation after 1968. The compact location of the University, the hostels and the canteens create convenient conditions for life and study of the students.

At present, a total of around 6000 students are trained for the educational and qualification degrees of Bachelor and Master in more than 70 programs in eight professional domains.
Training is provided by 316 lecturers, 9 of them are Professors, 119 – Associate professors and 188 are Assistant professors. 197 lecturers have got a Ph.D. degree, 6 of them are Doctors of Science in the field of medicine teaching them lessons and courses that are connected with the medical technology.

The Technical University of Varna (TUV) was founded in 1962 with a Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Peoples Republic of Bulgaria and Act of the National Assembly. The purpose of its establishment was to ensure conditions for education of engineering staff for the shipbuilding, transport, machine building, electric power engineering and communications.

Initially, the university was named Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering -Varna and incorporated three faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Shipbuilding.

The first admission of students was for the 1963/64 academic year. Over the years the Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Varna grew from a small institute, training engineers to satisfy the regional needs to a large Technical University of national significance, educating students in the fields of, Technical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics, Social, Economic and Legal Sciences and Pedagogic Sciences in Engineering and Technologies.


The academic staff of the university is divided into 4 faculties. The university has 8 buildings with many lecture halls, over 220 laboratories, a large library, sports and manufacturing facilities as well.

The University has resting facilities on the Black Sea Coast near Varna and in the Rhodopi mountains town of Chepelare. The quality of the education at the Technical University of Varna has been recognized and noticed by a number of awards. The Technical University of Varna is presented in the Guide of Universities published by the European Union.

The Technical University of Varna is a state university with a history of academic excellence. The university trains students in a variety of career fields of the technical sphere of human knowledge according to the state classification:

– Technical Sciences

– Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics

– Social and Economic Sciences


Technical University of Varna provides education in one of the following forms:

– Full time (academic year)

-Part time (2 months during the winter semester and 2 months during the summer semester)

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