Fundamental and general engineering subjects:

First two years: A wide range of fundamental and general engineering subjects
Second two years: A wide range of specialized subjects in Electronics.

Specialized training:

Summer semester after third year of study:
A 4 week practical training placement at different companies involved in the Design and Production of Electronic Equipment.

Optional subjects in the last year: Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics and Micro-electronics.

Career paths:

Manufacturing and maintenance of:

  • Power electronics appliances and systems
  • Microprocessor and computer systems for monitoring and control
  • Electronic measurement systems
  • Medical electronic equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Microelectronics
  • Management, organisation and caring out all technology, design, diagnostics, maintenance and repair activities concerning electronic systems, devices and appliances.

Other information:

All our students acquire excellent knowledge in the following software.

Modern software:
Matlab, Pspice, Cadence, Xilinx Development kits of Texas Instruments, Xilinx and measurement systems of National Instruments, Beckhoff etc.

Technical University Varna is the only University in Bulgaria that has access on IEEE Student Branch Library containing up-to-date periodicals published by the IEEE.

Tu-Varna has close relations and active collaboration within Regional and European Programs with foreigner university partners from:University of Tampere, Finland, Ghent University, Belgium, University of Patras, Greece and University of Nant, France etc.


Professional orientation: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING,

Professional qualification: ELECTRONIC ENGINEER

Academic degree: BACHELOR

Form of Study: FULL-TIME

Term of Study: 4 years / 8 semesters

Language of instruction:

– Bulgarian

– English

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