Fundamental and general engineering subjects:

Students enrolling in this course are provided with significant volume and variety of basic, fundamentals and specialized course and skills in area of electric power supply, power delivery, design and maintenance of industrial electrical equipment, industrial power electronics and drives, lighting design and illumination technologies.

Career path:

  • Managers/specialists of companies for design and maintenance of urban and industrial power delivery systems.
  • Certified designers of power supply systems and industrial equipment
  • Certified designers of indoor, outdoor and street lighting
  • Specialists and research engineers in power industrial electronic and drives
  • Supervisors in building and construction of power delivery systems and industrial electrical equipment
  • Specialist and maintenance engineers in electrical equipment of industry and power plants
  • Chief executives during installation, regulation and control operation in industrial plants and electrification companies.


Professional Orientation: ENERGETICS

Professional Qualification: ELECTRICAL ENGINEER

Educational Qualification Degree: BACHELOR

Form of Study: FULL-TIME

Term of Study: 4 years / 8 semester

Language of instructions:

– Bulgarian

– English

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