Course content:

The course is designed to prepare students for the profession of mechanical engineering through study, experience and practice.

Fundamental and general engineering subjects:

  • Mathematics, Applied geometry and engineering graphics
  • Basic computer skills consistent with application to industrial engineering problem solving – Informatics, Operating systems and networks, Simulation modeling
  • Technologies for manufacturing workpieces, Manufacturing materials and processes, Engineering mechanics, Theory of mechanisms and machines, Electrical and electronics engineering
  • Knowledge of basic manufacturing processes and the relationship between product design and manufac-turing efficiency – Design of machine elements,
  • Cutting of materials and cutting tools, Machine-tool, Technological equipment, Manufacturing technologies, Quality management
  • Computational modeling techniques – finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics (FEA and CFD – CosmosWorks and CosmosFlow)
  • Computer aided design (CAD – SolidWorks, SprutCAD and etc.) and computer aided manufacture (CAM – Feature CAM, SprutCAM)
  • Economics and accounting, decision-making – Industrial management.

Specialized training:

  • Advanced knowledge in: Manufacturing automation, Product design by CAD/CAE systems, CAD/CAM technologies, Manufacturing systems
  • Experience with solving of individual course works, projects and team-based engineering problem solving
  • Knowledge and competency in the use of computers to solve design and analysis problems, and to effectively present results using word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and multimedia software
  • Practical experience in solving engineering problems – work-shop practices and specialized practice.

Career path:

Graduated bachelors of “Cam Specialty” may attend Master Degree courses in subjects, related to “Technical Science” domain. Graduated bachelors in “Cam Specialty” can work as specialists in design and as managers in all branches of industry.


Professional Orientation: MACHINE ENGINEERING

Professional Qualification: MECHANICAL ENGINEER

Educational Qualification Degree: BACHELOR

Form of Study: FULL-TIME

Term of Study: 4 years / 8 semester

Language of instructions:



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